"the act of purchasing Lucy Jones Lingerie is often an act of love, but the gift the garment gives you, is to love you back..."
                                                                                                            Susie 2017.

We want you to fall in love with the feel of silk next to your skin, or the feel of crisp cotton as it slips over your head and settles on your body, or with the comfortable and reassuring weight of our silk velvet Dressing-gown Kimono as it envelops you and surrounds your body, swishing behind you. Fall in love with the beautiful design detailing of Lucy Jones Lingerie, the silks and satins, the soft gathers, the sashes and bows,  the embroidered edges, and the fine spaghetti is all you have ever loved, and more....

Love the colour, love the design, love the details... fall in love.