"Many of our garments are adorned with tiny bows, ties and spaghetti straps – we will try to explain how to deal with these delicate elements to help you to retain that pristine look."

- Lucy Jones

Caring for your Lucy Jones Lingerie ....

There is always a worry when a precious and delicate garment is going to be washed or cleaned for the first time - will it look the same after I’ve washed it? Will I be able to get it to look brand new again? 

Don’t worry, follow our guide and your garment will be safe - and ready for you to wear again and again. 


1.Read the care label

The care label states our recommendations. 

Some of our labels say you can either dry clean or hand wash. With today’s sensibilities towards our planet and our precious resources, there is careful consideration to be made, whichever method you choose. 

If the label says Dry Clean Only – then that is what we strongly recommend. If you choose to go against this - it is at your own risk. 

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3. Hand Washing 

Hand wash in a small amount of cold or luke-warm water using the recommended  amount of delicate friendly detergent suitable for silk. You can dip the garment in an out of the water – but do not do this by using the fine spaghetti straps – pick it up by the main body. When it has been in the water for about 4-5 minutes, take it out squeezing the excess water out very gently. 

Do not wring or twist the garment  -this will pull it out of shape and also cause unnecessary creasing.

Hang the item on a hanger to drip dry naturally in a dry place out of direct sunlight.

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2. Handle with care

All our items are made with the greatest care and love, so please continue that love by handling your items with the same care.

All the colours of silk we use are ‘dye fast’ so there is no need to test the fabric before washing. 


4. Using the Iron

If you decide to press the item, we recommend that you do not wait until the item is bone dry– best results are achieved when the fabric is still slightly damp. 

Turn the garment inside out. This will protect the right side, and also allow you to get the toe of the iron right up to, and underneath the seams. The seams should be gently pressed in the direction of manufacture – but do not use too much pressure on the seam itself. 

If you have any further questions about washing or caring for your Lucy Jones Lingerie,
please do not hesitate to email me on
or direct message on @lucyjoneslingerie.